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Master Class Carpet Cleaning

A Quick Guide about Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

December 21 2017, 14:54pm

People like to decorate their house. Many people like to keep different accessories and artifacts in their house. Some people also like to have different sort of wall units, furniture, carpets, etc. Many property owners like to buy these things as per their liking and also depending on their personality. These things help to enhance the look of the house. However, carpet is one of the essentials in any house and need cleaning from time to time.

Need For Carpet Cleaning:

The carpet helps to cover the floor. Some people just us it for enhancing the look of the room but it also has some added advantages like preventing slipping, cushioning effect, provide warmth, etc.

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Being continuously in contact with the atmosphere, there are many chances that the dust, allergens, etc get accumulated on the carpet. As a result, there is a need for regular cleaning of the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques:

There are different techniques which are useful for cleaning the carpets. These different techniques include:

  • Hot water extraction technique,
  • Dry compound cleaning,
  • Encapsulation technique,
  • Vacuum cleaning,
  • Dry foam carpet cleaning, etc.

There are many companies which provide different types of carpet cleaning services in Adelaide.

Benefits of Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Technique:

Encapsulation is the most recent and emerging technique used for cleaning the carpets. This is a technique that helps to encapsulate the dirt and stain particles using the polymer. These polymers absorb the particles which are then removed by vacuum. The various benefits of using this technique for the carpet cleaning include:

Enhanced look: The polymer encapsulates the foreign matter. This helps to remove any sort of dust particle, even the tough material from the carpet which includes oil and other sticky materials. It helps in deep cleaning which does not allow even small traces of the stain on the carpet. This cleaning technique makes the carpet appear as a brand new one.

Increases the life of the carpet: This technique provides a deep cleansing action on the carpet. It also helps the carpet to stay cleaner for a longer time. As the cleaning frequency decreases, the life of the carpet increases.

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Faster cleaning technique: The encapsulation technique traps the dirt and the crystallization process helps in easy removal of the material by vacuum. This technique uses low moisture which is quickly removed during the process. Thus the drying time needed is also less.

This complete process takes little time as compared to the traditional method in which the carpet takes a complete day for drying. The overall cleaning and drying time taken by this cleaning process is fewer.

Do not leave sticky residue: In the traditional wet cleaning method, the sticky residue leaves even after cleaning. This sticky mass attracts more dust particles and makes the carpet dirty more quickly. The encapsulation technique does not leave any sticky residue after cleaning.

Do not damage the carpet: Traditional methods use the harsh chemicals and detergents to remove the oil stains. These chemicals in turn damage the fibers of the carpet. The encapsulation technique does not use any harmful chemicals thus the carpet is not damaged.

As this encapsulation technique has many advantages over the traditional method, it is the most commonly used technique for cleaning the carpet. Try out this technique on your own or get in touch with carpet cleaners who offer encapsulation carpet cleaning services in Adelaide.

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